Friday, 20 November 2009

Website research findings

The assignment we have been set to do is to produce a Charity website campaign, before even starting to attempt on the website we had to do some research on website examples.
For having research allows us to have a template of sort, for they provide us with ideas for layout, style, and conventions with this research from six different sites we can have a better chance of producing a more modern and easy to use website.

We used six websites to study and annotate:
· Comic Relief: The website used by Comic Relief is a very simple and easy to use website. The website follows usually conventions such as the logo, this logo is the most recognizable part of the site and many people will remember that logo above all.
Also the colour scheme used in the website follows conventions for it is the main colour used in the whole site it rarely changes.
The use of a bar of hyperlinks across the page linking to different subject pages, also the donate feature in the far right corner of the page is also following the conventions of a typical charity webpage.

· Sport Relief: The website Sport Relief is a very much similar website to Comic Relief it follows all the same conventions as Comic Relief, such as colour scheme, logo, and hyperlinks and the same donate sign in the far right corner which near enough all charity sites will have.

· NSPCC: The website used is different appeal but uses the same conventions used by most of the webpage’s, for instance the tool bar of hyperlinks.
But the website has a different layout compared to the previous two, for it uses the donate part in the row of hyperlinks and the main point of focus is the title instead of the logo. This webpage also provides search engines in case of any queries needed to be made.
The colour scheme is different to the previous two but is still following the conventions pretty well; it also provides the viewer with some instant pictures and information about the charity and website.

· Shelter: This website has a very similar layout to the first two websites; it uses the logo as the main focus point, and uses the hyperlinks bar across and below the page.
The colour scheme is the same used in the first two and this a main convention followed, the title of the page is not very clear and is in a colour not too clear to read this is challenge to the convention.
The donate sign is used in the same position and has a search bar beneath to encourage queries.
The photo used in the center of the page is done either by Photoshop or some kind of editing feature.

· Children in Need: This website is a very childish website and an appeal to the younger generation, for the background used is colourful and young.
The website uses audio presentation so that you don’t have to read all the information you can listen to it.
The website uses the tool bar of hyperlinks to different pages as do all the websites, the colour scheme is vibrated and fun to view for it is multicoloured.
The logo is the main attraction of the website for it is a toy bear and it is easy to like, the title is big and bold and is easy to read this convention has been followed well.

· Cancer Research: This website is the most different out of all of them, for the websites layout is different to all the websites.
The website has the same tool bar of hyperlinks to each different page, with a search engine located just below them to help with any queries.
The website also has a bundle of hyperlinks to different pages on the side of the page, all under different headings.
The pictures used are very appealing for the colours of the website are advertised on a shirt worn by followers.
The websites donate sign is located beside the picture for it may enhance the chance of people clicking on it after viewing the picture.
It also has links at the bottom to different social networking sites to show that they have the support for this charity also.

These are the six websites that I had annotated and studied and these conventions and ideas are all going to be used in the building and production of our charity website, Community in need.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Blogspot review

My perceptions of media studies were generally the same as I had for GCSE, I came from an external school called Bonus Pastor and their media studies department which I studied in was of a very good standard and my perceptions of the course were very good, as they are for this A level course for I knew A level is a massive jump forward from GCSE and my perceptions of the course were that it would be very hard and intense.
My perceptions of this course have still not changed after meeting the teacher and going through what we have to cover over this year, for the course still sounds very hard and can easily take its toll on you, but if you managed it well you will achieve well.
We were set a piece of work to assess and draw a storyboard of the programme Hollyoaks, the five particular scenes we were set to work on were based on all types of techniques used in the scenes mostly lighting and sound, I wrote about this and then drew a storyboard of the five scenes and described them, after it being marked I find out I had done very well, this is what i have learned and completed in class so far.
Most of the topics which we have ran through I have understood very well, for my teacher is very clear and precise on what we need to know, so I would not ask for anything to be done again for I have understood fully.
The DVD consisting of what work is put into Casino Royale to have everything running well was very clear and easy to understand, the lighting and effects in which they use I have understood more precisely for I never really used to know much about the how everything works in the background, now I understood fully what most jobs mean and require to be done during the making of the movie.
In the film Gone Fishing I appreciated the way the film does not have to be so long to get its point across or the message its trying to give, for the work done in the background allowed it to be short and show all of its script and point it needed to put across.