Thursday, 17 September 2009

Blogspot review

My perceptions of media studies were generally the same as I had for GCSE, I came from an external school called Bonus Pastor and their media studies department which I studied in was of a very good standard and my perceptions of the course were very good, as they are for this A level course for I knew A level is a massive jump forward from GCSE and my perceptions of the course were that it would be very hard and intense.
My perceptions of this course have still not changed after meeting the teacher and going through what we have to cover over this year, for the course still sounds very hard and can easily take its toll on you, but if you managed it well you will achieve well.
We were set a piece of work to assess and draw a storyboard of the programme Hollyoaks, the five particular scenes we were set to work on were based on all types of techniques used in the scenes mostly lighting and sound, I wrote about this and then drew a storyboard of the five scenes and described them, after it being marked I find out I had done very well, this is what i have learned and completed in class so far.
Most of the topics which we have ran through I have understood very well, for my teacher is very clear and precise on what we need to know, so I would not ask for anything to be done again for I have understood fully.
The DVD consisting of what work is put into Casino Royale to have everything running well was very clear and easy to understand, the lighting and effects in which they use I have understood more precisely for I never really used to know much about the how everything works in the background, now I understood fully what most jobs mean and require to be done during the making of the movie.
In the film Gone Fishing I appreciated the way the film does not have to be so long to get its point across or the message its trying to give, for the work done in the background allowed it to be short and show all of its script and point it needed to put across.

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