Friday, 16 April 2010

Improved Brief for Website

The website I am going to produce is going to be directly focused on the charity which I have chosen; the charity which I have chosen for my website is Comic Relief.The reasons for my choice of this charity is that I believe in most of the principles Comic Relief stand for, the principles which they have are that they wish to improve all countries hit by poverty and disease. The charity travels to these countries and brings aid to help them, such as Medicine for the sick, Food and drink for the starving. In this country the UK, they also help the Homeless Organizations, Drug Projects, and also work with the elderly for they are in need of constant attention. I have a direct interest in what Comic Relief try to do to catch the awareness of the public eye, Ie: Voluntary work and TV shows, Comic Relief also have a one off show every 2 years where they get famous faces and the public to do silly things for donations, these are some of the reasons why I have chosen Comic Relief as my charity.
The potential audience for this website is going to be people who are directly interested in the on goings of the charity Comic Relief. The audience is going to have to be determined to make a difference by this I mean fundraising and donations, the demographics of these people will be young people up to the age range of approximately 17-20 years as they will mainly do there fundraising at schools, colleges and social clubs.
There are also middle aged people who will take part in fundraising events such as Runs, sports events.
The website will appeal to the audience for it will contain all the relevant information concerning the charity, this relevant information is dates for oncoming events such as Runs, sports events and all types of fundraising events to get the public involved. The information will also tell us about the work the charity had done previously in different countries, and what effect they made when they helped. Also the website will provide how to contact them and if the audience has any queries information will be provided.

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