Thursday, 22 April 2010

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

My media product looks and performs like a real professional basic HTML website, the website I made is nothing amazing but functions well and is easy to use and navigate.

Beginning with the layout of my website, you can already see that it uses real and conventional forms that a lot of other websites use:

· The navigation bar being placed horizontally. This is one of two conventions that the majority of real websites use - placing their navigation bar horizontally or vertically. I chose to place my navigation bar horizontally as it fits in with the theme of the website a lot more than it would vertically. For the bar coincides with the buildings in the background and works very well for there is potential for the buildings to be hyperlinks and this will make the website more of an attractive product.

· A donate option is a very conventional website product to use, for compared to all the websites viewed near enough all of them have a donate option this will enhance the likeliness of a person viewing the website and maybe donating to the charity.

The ways we have challenged the conventions of other websites is:

· The background we have used for our website is completely our idea, we drew pictures of rough clouds and buildings along them and then repeated the drawings every time, with each time the drawings enhanced in quality, we then scanned it and placed it on Photoshop and developed it to a better and sharper quality. This makes our website background original and challenges the current conventions used by most websites, for we had thought of this idea and developed it to a standard needed to use.

· The pictures we have used are also challenging the conventions of the typical website, for our pictures used are taken ourselves and have been developed and are strictly related to our charities cause, this makes our pictures original and have not been taken or copied from someone else or another a similar website.

The comparison website to our charity Community In Need is the charity Comic Relief, our website is very similar to the comic relief website in a number of reasons.

· For example our background used in the website is very similar to the page on comic relief, for the idea of clouds in the background made us think of adding buildings to it to make it more relevant to our charity for it is based on the community and its trades in the area.

· Our picture layout used in our website is also very similar to the comic relief page for we use one main picture for the page and a couple of pictures at the bottom to highlight the next few pages of information this is a clear comparison to theirs and ours.

· We also have very similar page names also like many other charity websites, this just means that we follow the same conventions as them and use similar ways of putting across our information.

· The audience we are trying to aim this at is anyone who feel s that there area needs improving or they would like to get involved in helping to improve the community. This means that our charity is versatile and is able to attracted many different groups of people.

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