Thursday, 22 April 2010

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

The project we have been set to produce a actually charity website has enable me to become more of a confident and able user of the computer and its programs it provides.
I am going to highlight the particular programs I have used and how I have improved and become very able with them, to produce our website.

Apple Mac

I have never before used an Apple Mac until this project begun, I was always used to ordinary computers with the ordinary programs such as Windows, which could never enable me to develop my work as much as I have on the Apple Macs.
The Apple Macs provide so many more professional programs to use and enhance your work such as I web and Photoshop, these two programs in my opinion are the best programs to use to build a website.
The Macs are generally much faster computers to use and this enable to us to gain information much quicker from the Safari internet service, and this was a much better feature to have compared to the ordinary computers where it took a lifetime to research work and information.
Also they appear to have a lot more storage space to save work you had completed, this is also a much better feature to have as it gives you a backup, in case of lost work.

I web

Yet again I was very new to this type of software on the Apple Mac, the program I web is a very professional software to use if you are constructing a website.
To begin with I was very baffled with the program for it did not really provide any real information on how to operate it, and I was stuck for a very long period until my partner showed me how to operate it correctly, after that I had no real problems with it after.
The positive thing I like about I web is that it is very simple when you get the hang of it, it does not have any complicated tools or bars in it and it is listed very well.
Also it specifies to nearly any way you wish your website to look, it is very flexible with its techniques and formats.
The downside to I web, which I hate to say for it is a brilliant program to use for inexperienced people, is that it needs to be more informative about how to operate it and it may need more professional forms available to use, for someone who wants to build a more professional website may be restricted on this program.

Picture and Video Taking

The pictures which me and my partner had taken for our website was taken from my Canon Camera, this enable the pictures and videos to have clear visible quality.
The pictures taken were taken in public areas, and these enable a real life feel to the pictures and they turned out so clear and realistic it was unbelievable.
The video taken was on the same camera and it turned out clear and precise and gave the viewer a real life feel that our charity is trying to reach out to people.

Adobe Photoshop

We briefly used this program in the construction of our website, the pictures that we had taken we had to enhance slightly so that it provided better and more attractive colours and background.
The main reason we used Photoshop was to complete the background that we drew and scanned onto the computer, we drew clouds and buildings to give the feel of a modern community. The Photoshop program allowed us to add better colouring on the background and more of a realistic feel.
I can say that I was very inexperienced on the program before this project, now I have used it and worked with it I am very able to do many different items on there I was not able to do before.

I Movie

Before this project started I had never used or heard of this program before, for It is the first time I have taken a professional video and uploaded it to our website.
The program itself I am still very sketchy with, I do not fully understand how to operate it and I feel it will take a while for me to get used to.
We uploaded a 1 minute video and this was mostly operated by my partner for I had not much understanding of the program although I took the video.

Microsoft Word +Excel

These are the most familiar programs that I use on the computer and Apple Mac, these two are where I got the bulk of my work done.
These programs are where I produced all my analysis of all the products I have produced or used this was mostly done on Microsoft word.
I then used Excel for a small period of time just to formulate my data, which I had gained from the surveys we had produced, Excel allowed us to write the figures up and then format them into pie charts and this gave a more detailed analysis.
These programs were the most naturalist programs I had used, for I had used them a lot before hand and this allowed me to get my work done more efficiently.

To conclude I feel that I am a much more confident person in the media environment and that I have improved in my IT skills dramatically for these programs are a great way to improve and expand your IT knowledge.
The best and easiest programme to use in my opinion just because of its simplicity for constructing a website is I Web, but this is my opinion many other people may disagree.

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