Monday, 19 April 2010

Storyboard For Our Video

This is our preliminary storyboard for our video in the main charity website, the storyboard has six frames and they are all related to the charity and its aims.
This storyboard will be improved throughout the course, with better picture quality and annotations.

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HM said...


Your analysis of colour is a bit assertive - you could find a little more evidence as to why the colours are suitable, especially any psychological pressure certain colours do put on people. The pale, slightly pasteled colours you have are obviously suitable, but why?

Positioning: this needs comparison with other sites that do a similar job, to show that you are using the conventions, and how you are also introducing your own ideas.

All of your pages could do with some analysis by audience theory.

Please check your AS Blogspot posts to see that you have everything.
1. Review
2. Website analysis and review
3. Survey starter
4. Media brief
5. Website annotations
6. Improved brief
7. Young and Rubicam survey result and comment
8. Website research findings
Main survey

followed by the seven points (you must read and use Seven point evaluation)

i. In what ways . . . conventions
11. ii. Represent social groups
12. iii. Who is your audience
13. iv. How do you attract an audience
14. v. Website distribution
15. vi. What have you learned about technology
16. vii. What have you learned in the progression from first site to main site.