Thursday, 22 April 2010

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Community in Need is a website that is purely focus on making areas and communities a safer and easier place to live and socialize in.
The audience we are trying to aim at is people who feel that their area needs in some sort of way, for instance crime or just something little such as litter or graffiti, we are willing to provide help and the right people to make dramatic changes to these areas in need.

The layout and positioning on the page

The website Community in need, is a very simple and easy to operate type for we based our website on the foundations of the Comic Relief website we felt that the website they had was simple and very informative to the viewer.

The background of the website is a main feature of the site, we chose to have something that may relate to the audience and how they feel about their area, so the background having big buildings in the clouds may be the feelings of many people in certain areas, and also the background was a comparison to the comic relief one.

Photographs in the center of the page for we feel that this is the vocal point of that particular page, and represents, and describes each page without information needed.
We usually also have three photographs located at the bottom of the page, so that it can attract the viewer to the next few pages.

We have information for each particular page on the side of the photograph, so that we can describe and tell the viewer what each page is about.

The website contains a hyperlink bar going horizontally across the page so that it is clear to the viewer and easy to choose, this is also a classic
convention in mostly all charity websites, another convention which we have followed is the donation sign in the top right of our page this is also easy to access and a good point of focus on the page.

Finally the logo of the charity is located just next to the title of the page which is top left of the page, this is easy to view and works well in the page.
The page also contains some hyperlinks on the side, this is links to sites that have similar layouts and positioning.


The colours of the page are very calm, and easy to view this makes it a website that is not hard to use and is enjoyable to view.
Our background is a light blue at the top and a white at the bottom to symbolize the sky and ground.
The colour of the buildings used is black, red, and grey, these colours are vibrate and easy to notice, just like real life ones.
Finally the writing used is the colour white but can vary such the side panels where they are a grey colour.

The Style of Language

The language used in this website has to appear sincere and appealing to the audience, so that they begin to think about the problems there area may have at that present time, and this may lead them to supporting us and donating to our cause, this why the language used is key to the success of the charity.

The Graphics and photographs of website

The website does not contain many graphics to it for it was kept simple so that all the audience can understand it well enough and are not confused by the graphics shown to them, for they may not be too confident on the webpage.

The photos used in the website are generally all related to the cause of the charity and that is the community, most of the photos are all linked to litter, graffiti, and more, there are also photos of the positives of what our charity can do if given donations and this is shown in the photo above.
These photos will appeal to the audience for they are all real and this provides a real life truth of what our area is really like.

The content and style of video

The video that our website have used is a video of a person who has daily dealings with what areas are really like and how they can be improved.
They video tells us of their opinions of certain areas and how they can improve them, this will relate to the audience for this is a true opinion given by a person who will be respected by all the social divides in the areas.
The style of the video is a brief 1 minute interview asking particular questions about areas they are in and close by and what problems they may come across and what might be improved.

To conclude our media product represents the audience and social groups who care about their community and are worried that it needs drastic improvement, for our website appeals to the concerns that they may face in the community and how might we improve them if given the chance.
The last reason the website reflects the audience and social groups is that they are all true products used in the website and nothing is left untouched all is address.

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