Thursday, 22 April 2010

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

When we were set the preliminary task to produce a school website I was very anxious, for I never had much experience with the Apple Mac or its programs such as I web and Photoshop.
I then had to decide who I wanted to partner with, when I had got my partner we began to brainstorm a number of names for our school, and we came up with the name Bickley high school, for most of us were from this area.

The preliminary sites colour scheme was a Green, White and Black for content, this made it very common and occurred a lot in the site, the site looked repetitive and this may make the audience bored of viewing the site they may feel they want it a bit more vibrate and colourful.
The Community in need Website was improved from this and has a much better range of colour across the site, we have a light blue background followed by multi coloured buildings place in front , the writing is still a Black and the title and hyperlinks remain White so this is clear and informative.

As the comparison has been made it is clear to see the differences between the two sites, and that the Community in Need site has a better colour scheme and looks more professionally after analyzing our work and using the feedback to our advantage.

Our site Bickley High School has very little hyperlinks to different pages, there is a good reason for this is because I was very inexperienced with the software and had very little idea how to make hyperlinks to different pages, this is where experience and teaching myself came very useful to making our main website a more professional and slicker website. I place hyperlinks across the page horizontally and vertically with similar websites, this made the site more of a marketing product and more of a attractive site to view.

As you can see the adjustments made to the main website from the preliminary site is a vast and this makes the Community in Need website a more attractive and easy to market this media product. For it is displaying other sites in this which shows a positive intent that the site really does want to make a difference in any way.

In my opinion I feel I have also used better quality photos in the main website, compared to the preliminary one. For the photos used in the first website were not really to the point of what they were talking about, we feel that now the photos used best describe each page we are on with content place beside it to give more informative information.

This is shown in these pictures that we have made a dramatic change, and that the photos used appear to be more relevant and to the point, this is another feature I have come to learn about producing a website.

To conclude I feel that I have learnt so much about specific programs such as I web and Photoshop, never mind coming to terms with using a Apple Mac this was one of the most hardest parts to become used to for they are so different to the normal Dell computers I have at home. This project has allowed me to expand my IT skills and this has enabled me to improve my main website compared to my preliminary in all areas.
All the errors I have made on the previous site have been taken into consideration and have now been altered and improved.
My attitude towards this project has always been on task and I think that by me and my partner doing this it has put us in good stead to achieving a grade worthy of the site.

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