Thursday, 22 April 2010

How did you attract/address your audience?

How did you attract/address your audience?

Before we began to start creating our charity website, we done some charity website research to give us some ideas and some tips on how to layout and to address the audience, we research websites such as Comic Relief and Children in Need.
We analyze their language used in their websites and we took conventions which they had used to adapt them, and now they are more relevant to the charity Community in Need.

My target audience is anyone who is interested in the community this means anyone, so this means that not everyone’s English skills are going to be the best, everyone is different and this means that the literacy level has to be to a standard that everyone can understand, this avoids losing people at the first barrier for the plain reason they cannot understand the language put forward to them.
The information will be put forward in a sincere and calm way for the subject we are discussing can maybe a sensitive one for some people, and we do not want to lose people by the way we write information.


The website uses a variety of colours it uses the colour black for most of the formal writing such as the writing located next to the picture in the centre of the page, this writing is mostly about the page which it is on, for instance (Who We Are, How Money Helps).
The website uses another set of colours, this is the writing located at the top of each page such as the hyperlink bar and title this writing is White, for it blends in well with the light blue background and is clear to the viewer.
Finally the side hyperlinks are the colour Grey for it is clear and requires a darker colour on the page for the background appeared black at the side.
The reason a variety of colours was chosen is because we would like the website to appear bright and not dull, and this makes the viewer enjoy the site more if it appears more welcoming.

Language (Words)

The words which our website used were easy to read but put the point across without too many big words being used, this enable people in the audience who had poor English skills to be able to read and to learn about the charity and its schemes.
We also thought about shorten the information on the page, for we felt that too much information may come across boring and people may not be willing to read it, for the reason they just cannot be bothered to.

Positioning on the page

The positioning on most of the pages is all near enough the same, for we wanting all the pages to be of equal standard.
The positioning on most pages is that there is a main picture in the middle of the page, and some writing place next to it to explain more about it.
The donate option is place in the top right hand corner of the page and this is used on all the pages except the enter page.
The title and all the hyperlinks going horizontal across the page, and the hyperlinks going along the side of similar websites occurs on each page.
The logo stays in the top left of the page for it is the first thing you see when you go on the website.
This attracts the audience for they are now made familiar to the webpage, and are now more likely to go on the website again.

Font sizes

The sizes used on the pages are mostly all the same, for instance the information used in the center of the page is size 12 this is the average size to use for it is clear and precise to read.
The writing at the top of the page, such as the title is size 28 this much bigger but is clear and the viewer knows exactly what the page is.


The rollovers used in the website, are shown in a very clear and readable font and colour, the rollovers are located at the top of the page or down the side and at the bottom of the page. They contrast well with the background colour and look very presentable when viewed upon. The rollovers are used as a link to a particular page, or website, they are presented very clearly with the name of the page or site used as the rollover, when used the rollover will then change to a darker colour and this will let the viewer know that they have clicked on the rollover and viewed that page or site previously. The response I wish for the rollovers to have are that they are easy to use and clear to read, and take the viewer to the correct page they wish to go to.

The response I except from the audience to be is that they are able to navigate themselves around the website well and do not encounter any problems, these problems would be with language or any form the list above.
We expect the audience to be able to read the information well and do not encounter any, literacy problems for we have catered for all standards of English in our audience.
The audience may feel that our website was fresh and had a very good feel to it, for the background used in our website shows our originality to the cause, also the shorter parts of information may lead to a more positive response for it does not appear as an essay, it just contains all the relevant information about the website and its cause.
We want the response to be positive to the website, this will then increase the chances of people wanting to donate to our charity.

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