Thursday, 22 April 2010

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Who would be the audience for your media product?

From the results which we have gathered from the surveys, we can now determine which particular audience our media product appeals to.
The survey which we have produced contained many questions all varied but all related to one subject or cause which our charity aims at.
We produced numerous amounts of surveys, and we put these forward to the public to complete for we knew that the surveys would be unbiased and would be guaranteed to have reliable and truthful answers, this allows us to distinguish our target audience and their opinions.

Also looking at a similar charity website like Comic Relief, I can see that our charity has the same kind of target audience, the audience both charities aim at is anyone because both charities aims can apply to anyone for example (Poverty and Poor area of living) these are just a few of both charities aims.

Our target audience is anyone who cares enough about their community and wants to make a difference in and around their area, no classes come into place in the websites audience for the charity is aimed at anyone in the public, for this cause can affect anyone.

The website reflects the needs of the audience for, it is easy to navigate and to gain information on and about the charity and it aims, and so this means young to adult people can use this website and cannot have many problems using it.
Also the websites donation aspect of it will reflect the audience, for the main aim of the charity is to make enough money to make a difference in local areas.
The website has a friendly feel to it and feels very welcoming when you engage on the webpage, for the topic which our charity is aimed at is a serious one and we feel that if our website is welcoming and not depressing we feel this will make more of an impact on the public’s opinion and they will be more willing to donate, for website applies to all of the public.

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