Thursday, 22 April 2010

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

My website is a charity website made to make a difference in deprived areas and communities who are most in need of our help and this can apply to anyone.
So this makes our website a very attractive product to distribute for this type of issue can apply to anyone, and institutions will want this to be distributed well so that more people become aware of the site.

To publish a website which you have produced will take a lot of research to find the correct site to help you do this.
· You have to also start by searching whether another site has your site name if they do this may result in you changing your name.
· Also consider the design of your web site and tools you are using to develop your web pages. These should be available on the hosting web server.
· You have to have all the correct designs of each page so that a website designer and publish it.
· Upload the contents of your webpage’s for it is for the web server.
· Your website should now then be able to publish on the web.

To distribute your website this means to publicize it into the public, the following ways you can publicize your websites are:
· Trade shows: this is to have a little board or booth in a public place advertising the website and its charity, this is expensive and is not a very popular option to choose.
· The Newspaper: this can be a very effective way of advertising a website, for most people read the paper and this makes it very likely your website is seen and read.
· The Radio: is a very similar choice to the newspaper for most people listen to the radio and it makes it very likely your website is heard about.
· TV: is a very good and is most likely to be the best choice to use, for nearly everyone watches TV and it is near enough certain your website will be seen or heard.
· Internet banners: This is an advertisement made on a particular and well known site, so that your website is seen and used. Example sites used are and Google these are very effective sites to use for they are advertise well.
· Finally other fellow charities may feel that advertising each other will form good relationships and will show a good feeling in the public eye.

To conclude the site will be publish in a way that will be full proof and professionally for the right measures and aims will be taken to ensure a good website is produced.
The distribution of the website shows that it will be very easy to publicize our website for there are many options and avenues to use, and everyone has a different way of doing it and one will be right for us, for good distribution does guarantee a small success rate for any site.

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